Fr. Abraham Mutholath, the former director of the Kottayam Social Service Society, pioneered a developmental approach in social service by establishing self-help groups, Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program, and agricultural festivals. Impelled by the profound impact of his social service, Fr. Abraham Mutholath has dedicated his life to providing unwavering support to the less fortunate since 2000. In 2001, he established the Agape Movement, a not-for-profit and tax-exempt organization, to advance and endorse philanthropic initiatives utilizing his earnings and public contributions.

In 2020, in conjunction with his Sacerdotal Ruby Jubilee Celebration and guided by the counsel of loved ones, Fr. Abraham Mutholath established the “Fr. Abraham Mutholath Foundation” in the state of Illinois, USA, to uphold his enduring legacy. The “Fr. Abraham Mutholath Foundation” stands as a testament to Fr. Abraham Mutholath’s enduring dedication, radiating hope and support to those in need. Rooted in compassion and service, the foundation continues to uphold and amplify his impactful contributions.

The Joy of Giving


I’m happy to share with you how I discovered my passion for giving and making a difference in the world. Let me tell you about the values, experiences, and inspirations that have shaped my journey.

It all started with my mother and family. They taught me to care for those who are less fortunate, live simply, and work hard. These values became the basis of my giving, as I learned to walk the talk and show kindness and support to others.

As a priest, I felt the amazing joy that comes from giving rather than hoarding money. I also learned about the developmental approach in social service and community-based rehabilitation (CBR) for people with disabilities, which touched my heart. I was honored to be the director of the diocesan social service society, which gave me a chance to help the needy in various ways.

One of the most rewarding parts of my journey has been seeing the positive changes in the lives of people who have benefited from my social service projects. I devoted my life to creating programs such as Agape Bhavan and the Good Samaritan Centre in Cherpunkal, my hometown. These centers provide complete CBR services for people with physical and mental challenges, especially deaf-blind children. To make sure these projects last for a long time, I donated land and money and even helped build the Mutholath Auditorium. Recognizing the importance of these initiatives, the Archdiocese of Kottayam named the whole campus Mutholath Nagar and added an Impact Centre to further support the CBR programs.

Another cause close to my heart is supporting Christian missionary priests who serve the poor in North India. Using my earnings, I have contributed to the construction of churches and clinics in these areas, while also encouraging others to join this noble cause.

I firmly believe that God has blessed me with opportunities, and it is my duty to use them wisely for the good of those who are in need. Therefore, I dedicate all my earnings towards the improvement of the social service projects undertaken by Mutholath Nagar. The joy and satisfaction I get from my work are beyond words, making me very thankful for the gift of willingness to live, work, earn, and share for the betterment of society. In celebration of my Sacerdotal Ruby Jubilee, I established the Fr. Abraham Mutholath Foundation NFP, ensuring the continuation of my mission and the sustainability of my giving.

Being a giver has not only given me a sense of purpose, but also allowed me to witness the power of compassion and support. I am eternally grateful for the values instilled in me by my family, the guidance of the Holy Bible, and the opportunities to serve that God has given me. It is my unwavering commitment to continue.


Fr. Abraham Mutholath’s remarkable journey is punctuated by numerous milestones, reflecting his unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit:

  • As the First Knanaya Vicar General of the St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Diocese of Chicago, he played a pivotal role in shaping the community’s foundation in the United States.
  • He served as the first Director of the Knanaya Catholic Region in the United States, forging a path for future growth and development.
  • Fr. Abraham Mutholath’s tenure as the first pastor of both Sacred Heart Knanaya Catholic Forane Parish and St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic Parish in Chicago underscored his visionary leadership.
  • He assumed the role of the First Director of St. Pius X Knanaya Catholic Mission in Los Angeles, fostering a strong faith community.
  • A driving force behind the establishment of various Knanaya Catholic missions and parishes in key U.S. cities, his efforts have ignited spiritual growth across the nation.
  • Fr. Abraham Mutholath’s initiative led to the founding of convents affiliated with the Visitation and St. Joseph Congregations in Los Angeles and Chicago, fostering a vibrant religious presence.
  • He pioneered the creation of Knanaya Catholic Parish Cemetery sections for both Sacred Heart and St. Mary’s Knanaya Catholic parishes in Chicago.
  • The inception of Agape Movement in 2001 marked his commitment to charitable and pastoral support through a non-profit corporation.
  • His compassionate gesture of donating land and building Agape Bhavan in Cherpunkal enriched the lives of the physically and mentally challenged through Kottayam Social Service Society.
  • Fr. Abraham Mutholath’s contributions extended to the Good Samaritan Resource Centre, benefiting the blind-deaf and promoting their training.
  • The establishment of Mutholath Auditorium in Mutholath Nagar at Cherpunkal reinforced his commitment to the well-being of the community.
  • The visionary Impact Centre at Mutholath Nagar, Cherpunkal, offered a supportive environment for the differently-abled and their trainers.
  • As the founder of the Fr. Abraham Mutholath Foundation, he celebrated his Sacerdotal Ruby Jubilee with a legacy of ongoing philanthropic endeavors.
  • His dedication reached global shores as he sponsored the construction of five churches in the Mission Diocese of Miao in India.
  • Fr. Abraham Mutholath pioneered the Chaithanya Pastoral Centre at Thellakom, Kottayam, and introduced the Chaithanya Karshika Mela (Agricultural Festival).
  • He revolutionized Kottayam Social Service Society with a Developmental Approach, introducing self-help groups and the Community Based Rehabilitation program.
  • As the First Director of Caritas Ayurvedic Hospital, Kottayam, he contributed to the well-being of the community.
  • His creative spirit shone through as the screenplay writer of the Malayalam feature film, “Dollar.”
  • With an authorial touch, he penned several books, showcasing his intellectual depth and literary flair.
  • Fr. Abraham Mutholath’s impact extended to editorial endeavors, including the Chief Editorship of Apna Des and the Platinum Jubilee Souvenir of the Archdiocese of Kottayam and the Silver Jubilee Souvenir of Archbishop Mar Kuriakose Kunnacherry.
  • He championed education by initiating the Lower Primary School at Veliyand Church in Kuttanad, Kerala, enhancing access to learning.
  • As a committed teacher, he shares homily resources for priests, preachers, and Bible students through his websites like,, and
  • His technical prowess shines as the webmaster of various websites, demonstrating his versatile skillset and digital engagement.


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